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Condensed Primitive Style Alphabet SetCondensed Primitive Style Alphabet Stencil Set by Primitive Designs Stencil Co.      

Our Condensed Primitive Alphabet is a bit different than our other sets. This set has been designed to allow a larger letter vertically, without taking up as much space horizontally.  Meaning a longer saying without a longer sign.

Recommended Stencil Material:
5" mil material for  2" thru 4" alphabet sets.
7" mil material for 4" - 5" alphabet set .

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Condensed Primitive Alphabet Set
Item# 501



*Any alphabet sizes 5" and above are considered to be a custom order.  Therefore, in keeping with our standard refund policy, we are unable to offer refunds on custom orders.  Please choose carefully if you are purchasing any alphabets 5"
and above.

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